Factory and Manufacturing Facilities

Branton Technologies is headquartered at Chennai, a state leading in industrial infrastructure and development in India. The factory located at Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, India is equipped with men and machineries to produce wide range of fabricated structures, heavy equipment & accessories and for custom design and assembly. With skilled employees of unmatched quality, certified engineers and other supporting staff we ensure quality service, as per the guidelines of worldwide agencies, right from material traceability to fabrication and erection. We have extensive experience in specialist welding, heat treatment and stress relieving services.


Modular Assembly / Prefabricating Piping:


From grass-root projects to plant revamps, pre-assembly of equipment is now the favoured solution.  At Branton Technologies, we pre-assemble the package skids and pre fabricate  piping systems, resulting  in substantial reduction of erection efforts and safety hazards. Shop fabrication provides a cost effective solution for our customers worldwide, ensuring the highest quality control standard.